Condensation Protection in London and Kent

Dampness associated with Condensation is a condition most prevalent in properties with poor heating and insulation, this condition is more noticeable in the winter months the problem left uncontrolled will lead to staining and mould growth damage to wall paper, wall surfaces, soft furnishings and clothing. Spores produced by the mould due to damp moist conditions can increase the incidence of respiratory health problems.

Allied Remedial Treatment Ltd offer a complete service from the application of approved Mould growth inhibitors combined with Thermal wall linings designed and installed to reduce cold bridging at external elevations through to the installation of mechanical Humidistat controlled extractor fans and heat recovery units.
damp proofing walls  - London - Allied Remedial Treatments Ltd
For reliable damp proofing solutions call Allied Remedial Treatments Ltd on
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damp proofing walls  - London - Allied Remedial Treatments Ltd
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