Woodworm Specialist in London and Kent

Common furniture beetle most readily identified by our surveyors within dwellings, causing structural damage to floorboards, joists and associated timbers.

Dry Rot treatments

Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans) a virulent and destructive form of wood rotting fungus commonly caused by moisture ingress with the ability to move through the fabric of a building removing by decay the structural integrity of timber sections (beam supports, timber lintels, joinery timbers, structural joists and floorboards) for this reason additional works of exposure incorporating sterilisation of affected masonry will often be recommended if the decay is to be dealt with in an effective manner.

A concise and detailed report will be submitted for consideration following our site inspection the report will set out a schedule detailing our recommendations for specialist treatment and associated repair work as may be deemed appropriate to the wood boring insect/fungal decay identified in the course of our site inspection.
damp proofing walls  - London - Allied Remedial Treatments Ltd
damp proofing walls  - London - Allied Remedial Treatments Ltd
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